啊福福彩3d太湖字谜 作為某知名珠寶品牌區域渠道商,這間辦公室天生就該有“時尚”的調性。圍繞鉆石六邊形的經典造型,延伸設計出各種結合圖形,作為整個空間的核心視覺元素,在包括企業LOGO、空間隔斷紋理、柜體紋理、地面拼花等多個地方貫穿呈現,形成具有差異化和強識別度的感官空間。


As a regional channel for a well-known jewelry brand, this office is born with a "fashion" tone. Around the classic shape of the diamond hexagon, the extension of the design of a variety of combined graphics, as the core visual elements of the entire space, including corporate LOGO, empty partition texture, cabinet texture, ground parquet, etc. through the presentation, forming a difference Sensing space for strong and strong recognition.

In the functional interval design, the employee's creative interaction area and flexible public meeting space are design highlights. Inspire the employees' fashion inspiration through the colorful open space design, or sit back and talk. The independent office adopts a one-to-one design. According to the characteristics and work functions of each high-level, it is personalized and presented. It has a sophisticated atmosphere and a stylish and flexible.