啊福福彩3d太湖字谜 www.mynduv.com.cn 以簡潔質樸為核心設計理念,表達建造最誠懇真實的零售空間。良木道獨立廠牌店設計就是從這個角度出發,通過對比例,材質和光來實現對空間的表達。極簡之下,光影,比例,材料的極致體現與交融??占洳季稚俠砬逑嘍鑰占涑叨扔氡壤?,尋找到一個對品牌特定精神的定位,這是一個去繁從簡的過程,也是一個在簡化中逐漸凸顯本質的過程。



Concise and simple as the core design concept, express the construction of the most sincere and real retail space. Leawod's independent brand shop design is based on this point of view, through the proportions, materials and light to achieve the expression of space. In the simplest, light, shade, proportion, and the extreme embodiment and blending of materials. Space layout to sort out the relative spatial scale and proportion, to find a brand-specific spirit of positioning, this is a process to simplify and simplify, but also a gradual highlight the essence of the process.

Minimal material contrast, forming two independent exhibition spaces and experience spaces. Contrast and collision of continuous concrete walls and large white space materials is a major feature of this design in the use of materials. The transparent wooden aluminum doors and windows products serve as two The division and extension of the space not only satisfies the demand for sample but also makes the entire space more harmonious and rank. The dark gray glass acts as a filter for the two spaces to exhibit different light effects.

Product exhibition space, minimal space language expression, as much as possible to reduce the trivial modification, sensitive grasp of the material mix, with the product material in stark contrast, highlighting the product itself texture. Ingenuity experiences the space, visualizes the original invisible places of the product, and aestheticizes the functional information, so that every small detail is filled with the spirit of Goodwood Road.