啊福福彩3d太湖字谜 今天,當我們再談及高端兒童市場的商業邏輯,我們談品牌的立足之本,也談產品的設計之魂;我們談安全、健康、體驗感的內在信任,也談品質、品牌、圈層效應的外在標簽......當然還有8090后父母的新奇消費理念,以及隨時可能出現的“新物種”帶來的行業沖擊。



Today, when we talk about the business logic of the high-end children market, we talk about the foundation of the brand and the soul of the design of the product; we talk about the inner trust of safety, health and experience, but also about quality, brand and circle. The external label of the effect...and of course the novelty consumption concept of the parents after 8090, and the industry impact brought by the “new species” that may appear at any time.

DeRUCCI children's mattresses, high-end children's products and healthy sleep appeal in the commercial retail space of the appearance and convergence. Tonality is only the visual container of Muse's children's terminal; in the case of Mousse, its "high-end" attribute cannot be separated from the core technology of the youth's healthy sleep concept, and it is not realized by external products or environmental tonality.

We make the explicit design "backward" moderately, creating more explicit possibilities for the hidden technical core. Technology and design in the interactive, experiential spatial layout of "reporting claims", cleverly meet the parents' trust and the children's relaxed play.