啊福福彩3d太湖字谜 作為擁有35年豐富經驗的品牌要如何與顧客交流他的廚房“經驗”與“手藝”,同時又做到讓帥康成為一個“年輕化、科技化、時尚化的高端廚電品牌”。


As a brand with 35 years of experience, how to communicate with his customers the “experience” and “craftsmanship” of his kitchen, and at the same time make Shuaikang a “high-end kitchen, electric and electric brand”.

We combine SACON's products and combine kitchen scenes to restore a complete kitchen in the store, allowing customers to experience the real kitchen scene when they enter the store. The sleek product portfolio and targeted features match the customer's solution to their culinary needs. Whether you like to make high-end Michelin dinners, or like to bake a happy dessert, or even a traditional Chinese food that is full of fire, you can find the right products in the store. Let 35 years of rich "kitchen experience" get the opportunity to communicate with customers in space.