啊福福彩3d太湖字谜 2019年,面對更加嚴酷的市場環境,機遇何在?“大品牌”依然未能形成對消費觀念的引導,風格你有我有,相差無幾;產品質量幾乎是自由板材或是國際品牌高度近似五金件;價格層面以“大品牌”策略:控制成本區域,品牌策略:壓縮毛利。


In 2019, in the face of a more harsh market environment, what are the opportunities? "Big brand" still fails to form a guide to the concept of consumption, the style you have I have, almost the same; product quality is almost free of sheet metal or international brand highly similar hardware; price level with "big brand" strategy: control cost area , brand strategy: compressed gross profit.

As the “best creative” in the kitchen cabinet industry, GOLDHOME teamed up with 1800 questionnaires and household surveys at Tsinghua University to capture the pain points in Chinese kitchens. Committed to creating professional kitchen standards. Research, innovation and excellence in product innovation are its core competencies. 580 square meters GOLDHOME kitchen cabinet home, kitchen cabinet-oriented, from the kitchen layout, storage function, appearance style, quality and delivery, allowing consumers to intuitively experience the design concept and use of the GOLDHOME scientific kitchen. The collection of the brand's Orange Home Wardrobe/Wooden Door contains a complete model room, which truly restores the consumer's home scene, meets the first practical functions and styles of the home, and clearly and expresses the understanding of the kitchen and the home life. More home-customized high-quality homes allow everyone to experience the beauty of going home.